Whether you are looking for a new forklift battery or a charger or just a repair to your existing equipment, Forklift Battery Supply will strive to meet all your needs. We offer new lead acid batteries with full five-year warranties in any dimension as well as reconditioned forklift batteries as they become available. Any reconditioned forklift battery will be verified to be at 100% capacity to ensure your business can get products out the door.

To keep your new or used forklift battery charged, we offer a wide range of forklift battery chargers. Whether you need a conventional 8-hour charger or a fast charger that can get the job done in as little as 15 minutes, Forklift Battery Supply is here to help. We will also repair your existing forklift battery charging equipment to keep you up and running.

We offer much more than just a forklift battery or lead acid battery charger. We also carry battery watering systems, battery lifting equipment, battery changing stations, battery and charger stands, acid spill kits, battery connectors, and much more. Call or email today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Forklift Battery Supply For All Your Forklift Battery Needs.

About Us

Forklift Battery Supply, Inc. is a full service battery and charger shop. We offer on-site repairs for most issues. Our service facility will take care of all issues that can not be resolved at your location.

We offer a complete line of forklift batteries in New or Refurbished condition. Our new batteries can be shipped directly to your location and come with a five-year-warranty. We can also install the battery into your equipment. Our Refurbished batteries are restored to 100% capacity to give you an excellent battery to last your entire shift. We also offer conventional chargers, fast chargers, and rapid charge systems. These chargers are offered in New or Refurbished condition. Warranties vary depending on the charging system selected. We will help you match your charger with your battery to ensure a long battery life.

We carry any part you may need for your battery, charger, or battery room. From new cables and water level indicators on your battery to diodes and capacitors on your charger, just call us and we can help you. We also carry acid neutralizer, battery lifting beams, connectors, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), cable clamps and any part you will need.

Forklift Battery Supply, Inc., For All Your Forklift Battery Needs!


24/7 Emergency Service, Scheduled Maintenance – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Full Maintenance, Battery Diagnostics & Capacity Testing, Repairs & Refurbishing, Battery Watering Services

  • Battery Reconditioning

    * Batteries can be restored to like new condition in our shop to help prevent downtime.
    * Acid restored to manufacturers specifications.
    * Cables and connector will be replaced.
    * Neutralized and painted.
    * Capacity test to determine usefulness over an 8-hour shift. Re-tested after approved cell replacements.

  • Charger Repair

    * We bring your charger back to max DC output
    * Complete Repairs
    * Cable replacement
    * Ammeter calibration
    * AC and DC fuse replacement

  • On-site Services

    * Charger and battery cable replacement
    * Battery hydrometer and static voltage testing
    * Stray battery voltage neutralization
    * Watering system installs and repairs
    * Cable connector and tip replacements
    * Battery room set-up
    * Battery and charger installs
    * Many more services available – call for more info!!

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